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Chongqing Technology and Business University S&T Developing Inc.

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About Us
I-Brief introduction:

1.1-Type: Chongqing Technology and Business University S&T Developing Limited, which is one University based and State-Owned Government company since from the year 1990 (at the beginning of year 1980, we're one R&D center of our own University). Main business is Manufacture and Service area.

1.2-Legal representative: Professor Zhang, who is the vice-director of the National Separating Mechanism Standardization Technical Committees in China.

1.3-Certificates & Awards: We have acquired a lot of patented technique certificates:

1.3.1-Eureka International Invention Prize Award;
1.3.2-"Technical Star" awarded by the UN;
1.3.3-CE certificate to enter European market;
1.3.4-ISO9001 International Certificate;
1.3.5-TC92 Certificate;
1.3.6-Other awards from China Electricity Bureau, LPA(Liberation of People's Army) Medical Service Bureau, China's Environmental Protection Bureau. Etc.


2.1-Product series: Until today, we have 32 se... [Detail]